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Why Hiring Wedding Planners Work

Events by TMA Why Hiring Wedding Planners

Grant Yourself Peace-of-Mind

Why hiring wedding planners work? Well, there are many benefits to hiring a wedding planner for your big day. While we may seem a bit biased, we wholly understand a planner may not be a good fit for everyone. There are many contributing factors to securing a planner. However, this post is less on the persuasive side and more on the informative end of the spectrum. Promise to keep an open mind as you read along?

1. Working With Vendors You Can Trust

Working with reliable, trustworthy vendors is a major part of planning your special day. Think of it like this, how quick are you to decide on everyday major purchases, such as your car, house, or maybe even furniture for your home? The same thought and careful consideration should go into choosing your wedding vendors. Working with a wedding planner helps in this area because most planners have networks of vendors. These vendors are individuals or companies your planner has worked closely with and can vouch for their professionalism, knowledge, and expertise. For us at Events by TMA, vendor matching is critical, and we take pride in finding the perfect match for each of our clients. 

2. All about the…Budget

When thinking of your wedding budget, it can be best to think of it in this way: Imagine you have never been to a ski resort. Naturally, you will need ski equipment, but when asked about your budget, you may have a difficult time conjuring up a number. Why? Because you have no clue what the cost of equipment is. Your wedding budget can be similar to this in many ways. Even with research, there is still no sure way to pinpoint what your budget should be. Most couples have never planned such an elaborate celebration, and understanding what the budget should be can be as foreign as buying ski equipment for the first time. A wedding planner can help outline a budget that works perfectly for you!

3. Time and Patience

Let’s be honest, planning a wedding is a lot of work! There are countless hours dedicated to planning even the smallest of details. Starting out, it may seem possible to handle it all, but after a long week of work, social activities, and hobbies, planning your wedding can feel like an added task. This is one of the main reasons why hiring wedding planners work. A wedding planner is available to assist with major details and management of essential tasks. Some couples prefer full planning services, while others opt for partial planning services. Either way, working with a planner allows day-time duties to be handled (as most vendors operate during regular business hours…while couples are working) effortlessly. Allowing couples peace of mind. 

4. Protecting Your Vision

We all love Pinterest….but in a world of endless possibilities, Pinterest can be a bit overwhelming and distracting for some couples. Pinterest can make it difficult to remain focused on your vision. Here at Events by TMA, we strive to incorporate many design elements our clients find inspirational. We like to meet with our clients to ask in-depth questions about their lifestyle and wedding design “must-haves.” We discuss their top floral choices, preference of theme, intended atmosphere, and location. Doing this not only helps us understand our clients but also keeps them focused and excited about their vision. 

5. Wedding Day Management

Oftentimes, couples designate family or friends to assist with wedding-day management. Your family and friends are there to celebrate one of the most special moments in your life. Assigning various tasks to family and friends can not only cause some confusion and disorder, but can also put a strain on close relationships by blurring the lines of friend vs worker. We highly recommend leaving the wedding-day management to a professional simply because all guests, including close family and friends, deserve to be fully present for the celebration. Wedding day management is a huge reason why hiring wedding planners work.

6. Be 100% Present

Planning a wedding can pull you in many directions. From the management of vendors, creating seating charts, handling invitation mailings, and the wedding party (just to name a few), planning a wedding can become quite time-consuming. Attempting to handle all aspects on your own can result in stress, fatigue, and, worst, a sense of detachment from the process. Planning one of the most amazing moments of your life (even if you’re a second-time bride) should be exciting. Don’t you want to be fully present for the process? Well, honesty, hiring a planner allows you to relinquish control and simply enjoy your day. 

We hope you enjoyed reading why hiring wedding planners work and hope this helps couples having a difficult time deciding on wedding planning services! Click here to check out our “Ten Fun Facts” post with our Founder & Creative Directer, Brittany Champion.

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