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Chicago Wedding Professionals

Chicago Wedding Professionals

There are many Chicago wedding professionals and each share a common goal – to ensure your wedding day is a success. However, since no two weddings are the same, they are also there to assist with discovering what works best for YOU. Although each professional works in the wedding industry, with very similar objectives, their specific responsibilities are quite different. In this article we will explain their responsibilities in hopes of assisting you with choosing the best level of assistance for your big day! Read more…

Blue Wedding Design Inspiration

Blue Wedding Design Inspiration

When deciding on the best color palette for your wedding it can be beneficial to find inspirational photos which really represent your style and vision. We encourage our clients to create a pinterest page and include pins for all aspects of the wedding. Some example to include are: desired color palette, ceremonial design, floral picks, reception/centerpiece design, and ambiance.  Read more…

Choosing Low Wedding Centerpieces

Events by TMA Choosing Low Wedding Centerpices

Practice Makes Perfect

Events by TMA Practice Makes Perfect

Choosing Beautiful Wedding Flowers

Events by TMA Choosing Beautiful Wedding Flowers

Beautiful wedding flowers are what most brides dream of. Which is why we always encourage our brides to work closely with a professional. Achieving the perfect floral design can be a daunting task. Events by TMA suggest brides start with their favorite flowers. Choosing blooms that will be in season during the wedding helps to maintain design focus.  Read more…