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Engagement Party Planning

Events by TMA Engagement Party PlanningShe Said “Yes!”… Now Lets Party!

Engagement party planning is one of our favorites here at Events by TMA. Not only because of the obvious love connection but also because it represents the beginning of a new journey. Engagement parties are a great way for newly engaged couples to introduce their family and friends. Much like a wedding, an engagement party is a celebration of love in the presence of those you love. Hosting an engagement party allows, both, the family and friends of the couple to mingle and get to know one another before the big day. Engagement party planning should begin a few months following the proposal. Working with an experienced event planner can surely make the planning process a piece-of-cake!

Proper notice for guests is, at least, a month prior to the celebration. When considering whom to invite, couples should consider their budget, event space/location, food and beverage, as well as any out-of-town guests accommodations. If hiring a wedding coordinator, couples should discuss the topic of their engagement party attendees and ask what is best for their individual circumstance. Keep in mind, inviting individuals to the engagement party you aren’t sure will make the wedding guest list can be a great way to show inclusiveness. Plus, guests will absolutely love such a welcoming gesture.

Events by TMA Engagement Party Planning

When considering where to host an engagement party the options are endless. A few options are, the privacy of the hosts home, a country club, or an upscale venue/restaurant. Couples should be sure to choose an event space that will reflect the mood of the event. Couples shouldn’t be afraid to go all out! An engagement party is an extraordinary way to celebrate the start of your wedding planning and a sure way to mingle amongst those you love. In closing, it is essential to send out thank-you cards shortly after the celebration to show your appreciation. After all, guest will surely be looking forward to attending the big day.

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