Chicago Bridal Shower PlanningBridal Shower Planning Checklist

The engagement happened and you said “Yes!”, now the planning begins. There are a number of pre-wedding events prior to your special day, with the bridal shower being one of the main events. A bridal shower is a pre-wedding celebration in honor of the bride. Traditionally, this event is an opportunity for guests to give gifts to help set-up your new home. While some themes and gift trends have changed, this event is typically an all female event in celebration of the brides marriage. 

Typically, bridal showers are hosted by the maid-of-honor. However, if it’s the maid-of-honor, close relative/friend, or even the bride themselves, planning a bridal shower is quite a task. Planning the perfect bridal shower requires patience and an organized plan. Less stress and a smooth planning process is surely the way to go. With a little preparation and our bridal shower checklist, your event will be a major hit!

Chicago Bridal Shower Planning


Now that you have our handy checklist to help you plan that perfect bridal shower, the planning process will be a breeze. Working with a wedding planner can help with any additional planning direction or guidance. Click here to read about why hiring a wedding planners works!

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