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Events by TMA is an award-winning luxury event planning & floral design company based in Chicago, Illinois. Specializing in creating timeless events, Events by TMA provides clients a luxury wedding planning and event design experience. Our expertise extends to worldwide destinations and includes luxury weddings, social extravaganzas, and corporate soirées.

Many of our clients fancy impeccable service, coupled with the desire to offer their guests a luxurious experience. In addition to planning, we offer exquisite floral design, beautiful linens, creative lighting, and an extensive selection of timeless décor. Our creative process surrounds concepts of detail and curated design techniques. We enjoy planning and designing events of all levels and look forward to working with you every step of the way.

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Planning Services

Detailed event planning services for weddings, social events, and corporate celebrations. 


Floral and Design

Exquisite floral design, beautiful linens, and an extensive selection of timeless décor. 


Destination Planning

Our team makes design and destination planning simple – and simple isn’t always easy.

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Meet Brittany

Brittany Champion is the Founder and Creative Director of Events by TMA. With keen attention to detail, hosting celebrations and mastering event management has always been a passion. Proudly exceeding ten years of experience, she has acquired extensive event planning expertise–allowing her to offer curated client experiences and one-of-a-kind moments worldwide.

With an exemplary ability to govern extraordinary events and an eagerness to oversee luxury celebrations, she has flourished into the most sought-after event planner in Chicago. With multi-print features in Modern Luxury Weddings Magazine and online recognition by Inside Weddings, Events by TMA has become a trusted event planning and floral design company…and it all began with her love for creating memories!

Brittany enjoys being a part of your special day and looks forward to working with you to plan and design your next moment in time.


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