Congratulations on your engagement! What a great experience and exciting time this must be. Naturally, you may be wondering what steps to take following your lovely proposal. Like many of our clients, you may be busy professionals who have a clear idea of your wedding vision but are uncertain where to begin with the planning and design process. Here at Events by TMA we are highly sensitive to the needs of our clients. Many of our clients desire impeccable service and want to offer their guests a luxurious experience. We provide our clients with the opportunity to fully enjoy their wedding day. From the moment we began the planning and design process we take great effort to ensure client satisfaction. If you would like to discuss how we can assist with your wedding celebration, contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

Complete Wedding Planning

Our complete wedding planning is designed for couples who have chosen to put the planning and coordination of their wedding, from start to finish, in the hands of a professional. Events by TMA will be involved in all aspects of planning and coordination. Also, we will guide you along effortlessly, making your planning process as enjoyable as cake tastings! Our complete planning services include: Budgeting, scheduling, beverage and catering development, vendor searching, ceremony and reception planning, and much more. 

Partial Wedding Planning 

Partial wedding planning allows you to be in charge of the planning process while also having the ability to bring on expert guidance to help with specific tasks and details. Having an experienced professional on your side to give solid advice, make sensible vendor recommendations, give design advice and feedback, and make sure you are on track with the planning is a smart investment. As a result, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you do not have to handle it all on your own.

Floral & Event Design

The Events by TMA team is happy to create a luxurious floral and event design experience for you and your wedding guests. Our team will present tailor-made designs which reflect your style and vision. Our creative process begins with concepts surrounding personal style, custom design details, exquisite decor, and abundant floral. As a result, each event showcases creativity, romance, and unique luxury design. For a customized proposal tailored specifically to your wedding, contact us directly!