Chicago Event Planning

Chicago Bridal Shower

Chicago Bridal Shower Planning

Typically, bridal showers are hosted by the maid-of-honor. However, if it’s the maid-of-honor, close relative/friend, or even the bride themselves, planning a bridal shower is quite a task. Planning the perfect bridal shower requires patience and an organized plan. Less stress and a smooth planning process is surely the way to go. With a little preparation and our bridal shower checklist, your event will be a major hit! Remember, working with a wedding planner can help with any additional planning direction or guidance. Read more…

Fall Wedding Design Inspiration

Fall Wedding Design Inspiration

Fall is the perfect season to explore your creativity with color. There are multiple ways to incorporate fall colors and create the perfect color palette for your wedding design. Choosing a color palette begins with personal preference. Brides can begin with their favorite color or choose from a variety of hues to achieve their desired fall look. Dark red, vibrant orange, and yellow capture the warmth and beauty of the season quite well. Read more…

Blue Wedding Design Inspiration

Blue Wedding Design Inspiration

When deciding on the best color palette for your wedding it can be beneficial to find inspirational photos which really represent your style and vision. We encourage our clients to create a pinterest page and include pins for all aspects of the wedding. Some example to include are: desired color palette, ceremonial design, floral picks, reception/centerpiece design, and ambiance.  Read more…

Why Hiring Wedding Planners Work

Events by TMA Hiring Wedding Planners Work

Why hiring wedding planners work? Well, there are many benefits to hiring a wedding planner for your big day. While it may seem our angle is a bit biased, we fully realize a planner may not be a good fit for everyone. There are many contributing factors to securing a planner, budget being at the top of the list. However, this post is less on the persuasive side and more on the informative end of the spectrum.  Read more…

Choosing Low Wedding Centerpieces

Events by TMA Choosing Low Wedding Centerpices