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Chicago Wedding Professionals

Chicago Wedding ProfessionalsPlanner Vs Coordinator Vs Designer

There are many Chicago wedding professionals and each share a common goal – to ensure your wedding day is a success. However, since no two weddings are the same, they are also there to assist with discovering what works best for YOU on your special day.

Although each professional works in the wedding industry, with very similar objectives, their specific responsibilities are quite different. In this article we will explain their responsibilities in hopes of assisting you with choosing the best level of assistance for your big day!


A wedding planner assists with all aspects of planning your wedding. They oversee and manage logistical details from the start of the planning process to the end of your wedding day. Wedding planners assist with budgeting, referring vendors, negotiating contracts, guests management, menu development, and much more. They are also available to offer sound advice and recommendations.

Most companies offer two standard planning options. One option is complete wedding planning, which is designed for couples who prefer to put the planning and coordination, from start to completion, in the hands of a professional. The second options is partial planning, which allows the couples to be in charge of the planning process while also having the ability to bring on expert guidance to help with specific tasks and details. Be sure to talk it over during your initial consultation to decide which planning service is best for you!


A wedding coordinator coordinates your special event . They oversee a small portion logistical details as well. The difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator is the amount of time they assist with your wedding. Wedding coordinators step in to assist a few months prior to your wedding day. This service is typically referred to as “Wedding Day Management” or “Day-of Coordination” by some.

A wedding coordinator assists with finalizing all planning details. Their lists of tasks include: checking and confirming vendor contracts, overseeing the ceremonial rehearsal, and creating a wedding-day timeline. Much like a planner, a coordinator is also present the day of your wedding. They assist with adhering to a strict timeline. Their day-of duties include: managing all on-site wedding vendors, seating the guests, directing the wedding party, cueing the music, and much more.


Wedding designers design your event. A wedding designer does not handle any planning services. However, some wedding design companies offer planning services as an additional contractual option. Wedding designers oversee and manage any design services contracted through their company. Luxury wedding designers consult on floral design, linens, creative lighting, and an extensive selection of décor.

On the day of your wedding, your wedding designer will direct all floral and decor installations – which ultimately means, a hands-off approach for the couple and guests. If decor is a top priority and you have a specific vision in mind, we suggest working with a professional. A professional design team has a creative eye and can work with you to design a proposal which reflects your vision!


Knowing the roles of each Chicago wedding professional is such an important part of the planning process. Recognizing these distinctions will allow a smoother selection process and prepares you for your initial consultation. We hope you enjoyed learning more about the roles of wedding planners, coordinators, and designers. However, if you are still unsure, contact us to discuss which option(s) could be best for you!

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