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Chicago Summer Wedding Tips

Chicago Summer Wedding TipsOutdoor Wedding Guide

Summer is finally here, and wedding season is in full swing! While summer weddings are amazing, the heat can be quite pesky, especially for guests. Below are a few summer wedding tips to ensure your guests are comfortable while you say “I Do.”

Keep Wedding Guests Hydrated

Hydration is key! Refreshing options for your guests include COLD water, tea, and lemonade. You may also serve creative cocktails. In addition to beverages, frozen treats such as popsicles are a huge hit. A designated “treat” station is a great alternative – allowing guests to simply grab and go!

Beat The Heat!

Some guests may come to your wedding unprepared for the heat. A great tip is to incorporate a “Beat The Heat ” station. The station can consist of essentials such as sunscreen, bug spray, and instant ice packs. With instant ice packs, guests can squeeze and shake to activate, allowing 20 minutes of cool relaxing comfort. You may also add items such as misters and parasols. If you’re feeling creative, customized sunglasses and/or flip-flops can be a big hit!

Don’t Fry Their Bottoms

Who wants a hot bottom?! With outdoor wedding ceremonies, the sun can potentially hover directly above the guest’s chairs. If the chairs are plastic or metal, this could result in discomfort for your guests. Preventively, shoot for chair covers or cushions. To add a bit of creativity, have a stationer create hand-fans with your ceremony programs and place them on guests’ seats. This will give your programs a dual purpose which your guests will find quite thoughtful. 

Wedding Planner A, B, & C

As much as we love the sun and the warm weather it brings, it is always important to have a backup plan. In case the weather isn’t looking favorable, tent rentals are a great solution. A tent comes in handy if hosting a complete outdoor wedding or indoor and outdoor wedding (outdoor ceremony; indoor reception). Not only can a tent protect your guests from potential rain, but it also provides shade. Extras such as umbrellas and ponchos are always great options if a tent is not “flattering” to your vision. Just be sure to stay current with the weather forecast, or ask your wedding planner for advice on seasonal weather predictions. Your wedding planner can also offer expert advice on location and assist with determining the perfect fit for your needs. 

Summer Weddings Conclusion…

Comfort is Key. Although outdoor summer weddings may present challenges, there are tried-and-true methods for avoiding discomfort. Be sure to reference these Chicago summer wedding tips when planning your big day…and remember,  working with a wedding planner can ensure your day goes as perfectly as intended. Events by TMA can assist with your vision and work closely with you to prevent Mother Nature from causing any spoils. 

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