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Why Hiring Wedding Planners Work

Why Hiring Wedding Planners Work

Why hiring wedding planners work? Well, there are many benefits to hiring a wedding planner for your big day. While it may seem our angle is a bit biased, we fully realize a planner may not be a good fit for everyone. There are many contributing factors to securing a planner, budget being at the top of the list. However, this post is less on the persuasive side and more on the informative end of the spectrum. Promise to keep an open mind as you read along? Working with reliable, trustworthy vendors is a major part of planning for your special day. Think of it like this, how quick are you to decide on everyday major purchases, such as your car, house, or maybe even furniture for your home. The same thought and careful consideration should go Read more…

Choosing Low Wedding Centerpieces

Low Wedding Centerpieces

Low wedding centerpieces are great options for wedding design. They create an added visual that is quite appealing to the eye. Low floral arrangements can be designed with various shapes, heights, and widths. Adding surrounding accents, such as taper holders and tea lights create an amazing visual. Couples love to mix high and low centerpieces for an added effect. The variation in height is very appealing to the eye and will surely to leave guests in awe. Paired with stunning table linens, low arrangements create an intimate, eye-catching effect. Low arrangements work well for all wedding themes. Whether it be an intimate or extravagant  event, there are floral argrangemts that can create the perfect look. Floral runners are a great options for  Read more…

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect, right? There is certainly truth in that statement. Perfecting your craft is a way to focus on applying and bettering your skill-set. Working on what you love is one of the best ways to grow and mature over time. Understanding there is always room for growth is essential to continuously developing the very essence of your craft. Whether your passion is painting, singing, dancing, or designing, it can be extremely beneficial to invest in your personal growth. It can be quite amazing what you learn each time you choose to expand your knowledge. When you dedicate time to perfecting your craft you are allowing yourself to grow in ways you never imagined. Things are constantly evolving. What was on trend this year  Read more…

Our Founder & Creative Director

10 Fun Facts About Brittany

For todays post we’re showcasing 10 fun facts about Brittany, our Founder & Creative Director at Events by TMA. We hope you enjoy learning more about who she is and what she loves. I absolutely love music. I wake up to music, I need music throughout my day, and I typically fall asleep to music playing in the background. My birthday is December 23rd. Not only am I a winter baby but I’m also a Capricorn. If I were not a wedding planner I would be a sociology professor…I know, huge shift but you should see my book collection. I despise clutter! I enjoy picnics. There is something quite peaceful about them. I am totally OBSESSED with a mobile app called “Township”. I have it downloaded on all mobile devices and am determined to build the best! Read more…

Wedding Vow Renewal

Wedding Vow Renewal Planning

Vow renewal is the perfect solution for couples wanting to reaffirm their love and commitment. When consulting with couples looking to plan a vow renewal we often see a common trend. Although couples have a general idea of what they want, they are unsure of customary etiquette and formalities. Events by TMA is often presented with questions about the best location for a vow renewal, the number of guest to invite, and how to decide on a theme. From one to fifty years of wedded bliss, all are welcome to adopt their own meaningful purpose for a renewal. Vow renewal is meant to mark a sense of newness. A vow renewal represents a fresh start. A renewal symbolizes continued commitment and accomplishments.  Read more…

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