Lets explore creative wedding invitations

Creative wedding invitations are a sure way to get your guests excited about your wedding.  This post is dedicated to get couples in need of assistance with their wedding “eye candy”. We like to call wedding invitations “eye candy” because they not only give guests a visual snippet of the wedding theme, but they are also a great way to incorporate your personal design esthetic. Invitations are one of the first major features your guests get to see, which is why we encourage our clients to go that extra mile and get creative. Wedding stationery (invitations, programs, save-the-dates, etc) are one of the most common ways to convey your wedding concept and it is important the design represents you, as a couple. Below are a few design elements to consider while trying to narrow down your many creative wedding invitation ideas.

1. Fancy Fonts and Calligraphy

Few are aware of how much fancy fonts and calligraphy can compliment invitations. When thinking of creative wedding invitations it is important to consider presenting a font that represents your wedding theme. An Informal “Scriptina” font would be prefect for an informal wedding, while a formal affair would bode well with a precise “Kunstler” font. Choosing the appropriate font will leave you guests in total admiration and immediately gives them the main theme of your event (formal or informal). Calligraphy not only saves time with having to physically addressing all envelopes, but it adds an extra touch of elegance. Fonts and calligraphy should be thought of as soon as you are sure of your design concept.

2. Embossing (indented or raised)

Embossed invitations make a bold statement and while guests can “feel the pretty”. Embossing invitations add life, and can add a “popped” effect when color is incorporated. They are a true visual stimulant that, once again, add an extra touch of elegance. Embossed, three-dimensional designs are in high demand so it may be a good idea to order a few samples in advance. Ordering samples will provide a physical representation of the design, depth, quality, and the company’s turn-around time. Feeling good about your creative wedding invitations yet? Keep reading below…



3. Flashy Envelope Liners

Envelope liners are a fun way to add color and style to your invitations. Couples can choose a solid color or go bold with bright floral prints. Whatever the choice, they are sure to be adored. Liners are a relatively inexpensive addition that most couples are really warming up to. Flash liners are a sure way to get those creative wedding invitations in full swing. Be sure your stationery designer clearly understands your visual concept and draws from the blueprint of your wedding theme. If you have lingering questions about colors, patterns, etc, your wedding planner can surely guide you in the right direction. You should always remember to make your selection with your wedding theme in mind.

4. Die-Cut detail

Die-cut details are a great way to add charm. It is an extraordinary way to show your personal design aesthetic and refinement. A number of stationery designers offer die-cut details for envelopes, invitations, and various other pieces included in the invitation suite (e.g., response cards, thank you cards, escort cards etc). As with embossed invitations, die-cut details are another design element that allow guests to “feel the pretty”. Your wedding guests will enjoy the elegant presentation of this added element and are bound to wonder whats to come.

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