10 Fun Facts About Brittany

For todays post we’re showcasing 10 fun facts about Brittany, our Founder & Creative Director at Events by TMA. We hope you enjoy learning more about who Brittany is and what she loves.

10 Fun Facts About Brittany

Photo: Jesus Santos of “Bodas Modernas Photography” 

1. I absolutely love music. I wake up to music, I need music throughout my day, and I typically fall asleep to music playing in the background.

2. I am fluent in American Sign Language (ASL). There is something quite amazing about communicating with your hands. 

3. If I were not a Wedding & Event Planner I would be a sociology professor…I know, huge shift but you should see my book collection.

4. I despise CLUTTER! 

5. I enjoy picnics. I find them to be very peaceful. 

6. I am totally OBSESSED with a mobile app called “Township”. I have it downloaded on all mobile devices and am determined to build the best town ever!

7.  I currently live in two states, Chicago and Cleveland. Imagine that!

8. I own a cat named Glenn. He is by far the cutest cat….no seriously, he’s the cutest cat ever.

9. In my down-time I’m usually obsessing over where to find amazing Mexican and Caribbean cuisines. Truly my favorite dishes! 

10. I’m a scary movie fanatic. I’m talking about hair-standing, edge-of-the-seat, peaking through your fingers, thrillers!

P.S. Can I squeeze in one more?? I love cars. My fantasy motor lineup includes muscle cars, classic cars, and street rods!!

There you have it, 10 fun facts about Brittany! We truly hope you enjoyed reading what she shared. To learn more about how Brittany began her career in event planning and design, visit our about page!

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